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Our Values

Welcome to the Jungle was not created by chance, it was carried out to defend the mission set for ourselves. Our team, and those who join us, enthusiastically share our vision and goals.

Our ambition isn’t simply to do better than what’s been done, but to do exceedingly better! We pay attention to each detail regarding content production and how we publish it, product development and also in the way in which we market our product.

Enterprising on a daily basis with very high standards, Welcome to the Jungle always aims to a high level of excellence. We are lucky to work alongside many different talents with « team-first » attitudes that enable us to succeed. We are really proud of our strength in diversity and we strongly believe it is the key to success.


How the hiring process works at Welcome to the Jungle ?

We answer to every application within 7 days, and our recruitment process has 3 steps:

Step 1 : A first call with Talal, our Talent Acquisition Manager

Step 2 : A face to face interview with Talal and the Hiring Manager

Step 3 : A last face to face interview with the Team Manager and Jeremy, CEO and co-founder

Open positions

Our mission

We are a media and tech company committed to making work more human