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How to build a stronger, happier team using MBTI and other personality type instruments

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Your team is struggling. You know this because you’ve observed some of the following problems: missed deadlines, persistent in-house conflicts, exhausted team members, confusion about roles and responsibilities, absenteeism, and / or high staff turnover. As you watch your team interact, you sometimes wonder if they’re even speaking the same language.

These are all warning signs that it’s time to work on team dynamics. One great way to do so is by introducing a typology instrument. These tools are used to identify and maximize each employee’s soft skills and to show how individuals’ skills can be leveraged to create a more effective team.

We tell you everything you need to know about MBTI and other Personality Type Instruments to build a stronger and happier team!

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Personality type instruments such MBTI and Insights Discovery helps generate greater understanding and satisfaction at work. And that’s because, when it comes to a team’s ability to work together, self-awareness is key.

Having strong soft skills means being able to manage one’s own reactions and being able to anticipate, understand and/or accommodate others’ reactions in any given situation.

Don’t confuse preference and competence. Having a preference does not guarantee having the skills; having the skills doesn’t always indicate having a preference.

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