How to make your management more emotionally intelligent

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Decisions, communication, leadership and culture are all connected to how we express and understand emotions. Companies that deal with multiple harassment cases, suffer high staff turnover, management difficulties, excessive stress and too many burnouts may have an “emotionally challenged” culture.

Emotions are also a part of your company/team’s culture. Therefore learning to express emotions and welcome their expression in others is anything but “unprofessional”! Emotions do belong in the workplace.

How much can you include emotions in your management? What will be the benefits of it? And which emotions are we talking about exactly?

If you’re a manager this ebook will help you start thinking about emotions differently and become a better, more emotion-savvy leader.
You will discover the origins of the concept of emotional intelligence, the limits of it and our tips for including it in your management and HR decisions.

How to make your management more emotionally intelligent

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