The many benefits of cross-generational mentoring

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Mentoring relationships have long been said to have many virtues. Whether it’s traditional mentoring (older mentor guides a younger employee) or reverse mentoring (younger mentor guides an older employee), this type of relationship has gained popularity over the last few decades. In an age of transitions, as new jobs emerge, old companies disappear and skills become obsolete ever faster, more workers need to acquire new skills and change jobs more often. In that context, the notion of age as a proxy for experience and savviness becomes more dubious. 

In our day and age of transitions we ought to promote cross-generational mentoring and embrace all forms of age-agnostic mentoring that can match mentors with one type of experience and knowledge and mentees looking to enter a new position.

In this ebook, you will discover the merits of mentoring in general, why everyone need to embrace the notion of cross-generational mentoring and give a few concrete ideas on how to implement the right programmes in your company.

The many benefits of cross-generational mentoring

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